PSMA 2023 PA Decentralized Wastewater Conference HANDOUTS

The following downloads were made available by instructors at the 2023 conference.  As instructors make additional handouts available, we will post them here.  Please note, we did not receive presenations/handouts from all speakers.

2023 PMSA Conference Program

Opening Plenary Session:
PA Sewage Advisory Committee Update; Joseph Valentine, PSMA SAC Representative
2023 PSMA Keynote Joe Valentine
PREDRAFT TDM 385-2208-004 SAC version 20Oct22

Tank Standards; Cody Vigil, Infiltrator Water Technologies
PA Septic Standards CV Cody Vigil

Why Should I Work for Your Company? The Answer to Winning the War on Talent!; Kim Nash, THriv
Why Should I Work for Your Organization Kim Nash
Why Should I Work for Your Organization Handout Kim Nash

JET BAT Media System; Ed Schloss, JET Inc.
2023 PSMA Jet Training Ed Schloss
QA-SAL-180 Residential Brochure Ed Schloss
QA-SAL-102 1500 Series BAT Media Plant Owners Manual Ed Schloss
QA-SAL-167 Plastic Tank and Aerator Installation Ed Schloss
QA-SAL-181 Plastic Tank Brochure Ed Schloss
QA-SAL-202 Service Checklist Ed Schloss
QA-SAL-202 Start-up Checklist Ed Schloss
QA-SAL-216 Plant Inspection & Service Ed Schloss
QA-SAL-226 Tank Pumping Instructions Ed Schloss

Research and Demonstration Center for On-Lot Systems and Small Flow Technologies; Joseph Valentine, VW Consultants
PSMA 2023 DVU Research Joseph A. Valentine
PSMA 2023 Research Abstract Handout Joseph A. Valentine
DVC-Phase I rpt
DVC phase II rpt

Orenco Advantex Operation, Maintenance, and Inspection; Brent Hershey, Tri-County Water Services
PSMA 2023 Conference – Operation, Maintenance, Repairs 01.2023 Brent D. Hershey

 Introduction to Pressurized UV Lights; Oran Biehl, Premier Tech Water
PSMA 2023 DiUV Presentation FINAL PTWE 012323 Oran Biehl

Inspection Best Practices from Taking the Call to Issuing the Report; Frank Parker, Parker Wastewater Consultants & Craig Morris, ALL4HIM Septic Inspections
PSMA 2023 Inspection Best Practices Frank Parker