Pennsylvania has begun its vaccine Rollout Plan — with initial supplies limited, the COVID-19 vaccine will be distributed to Pennsylvanians in four phases ranging from 1A to 1B to 1C to 2.

We’re currently (1/25/21) in Phase 1A and health providers have begun vaccinating those most at-risk of illness, such as health care workers and Pennsylvanians living in long-term care facilities, persons age 65 and older, and those age 16-64 with high-risk conditions.

See a comprehensive list of Pennsylvanians included in each phase, where you can obtain a vaccination, as well as a variety of other COVID vaccine related information on the PA Department of Health website HERE.

As part of the plan to categorize when different segments are eligible to receive the vaccine, water and wastewater workers are considered essential workers eligible for the vaccine as part of Phase 1C. When we will enter Phase 1C is not know at this time.