PSMA Regular Membership


PSMA annual memberships run from January 1 to December 31 for all members regardless of when you first joined the association.  When determining your dues category, gross revenue from all and any of the following are to be included: Services and products related to the management, treatment, transportation, and/or disposal of liquid human waste (sewage and septage); inspections, sewage and water treatment plant sludges, bio-solids, restaurant and/or food processing; grease trap waste and other food processing wastes, and portable toilet rental, lease and servicing. Also included are revenues from septic system installation and repair, onlot management services and maintenance services, as well as revenues from the operation of pre-treatment and/or treatment works or facilities and land application sites. Excluded are revenues from activities related to hazardous waste/materials operations or any activities exclusively involving these materials or materials not included in the paragraph above.

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