Septic Tanks  

Be advised, these are graphic pictures.

Opening a Septic Tank: The riser eliminated the need to dig to gain access to the treatment tank

Septic tank.

Homeowner Education: Every pump-out is a training opportunity!
Dosing Tank Installation

Dose Tank Installation: A dosing tank is being prepared for final cover. Note the long extension tube that will assure easy access when maintenance is needed.
Aerobic Tanks

Cromaglass Aerobic Treatment Tank

NORWECO Aerobic Treatment Tank

Aerobic tank installation ready to cover: A concrete tank housing a Jet aerobic unit prior to final cover. Note protective electrical conduit.

Aerobic Tank in Action!: Nyadic aerobic tank in operation. Note bubbles and turbulence, both assist in breakdown of the sewage prior to its release to the absorption area.

Nyadic aerobic unit - Typical Installation: Unit pumps air into aerobic tank.

Sludge in Absorption Area

Sludge in Absorption Area: The homeowner's failure to regularly pump the treatment tank allowed all of this sludge to enter, clog and destroy the absorption area. Repair costs could reach $25,000.

Sludge in Absorption Area: The consequences of not pumping the treatment tank regularly or the desire to avoid the cost of pumping may have brought this problem to the homeowner's back yard!
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