I Don't Want to Pump the Septic Tank!

Recently, PSMA was asked, "Why are there so many different inspection protocols embodied in the PSMA/NOF Inspection Standards?"

There is only one Inspection Standard.

The only variations in the application of the Standards are determined by the conditions encountered in the treatment tank or absorption area.

For example, if the absorption area displays reduced dry aggregate conditions, the treatment tank should NOT be pumped. This is done to preserve the operating regime of the treatment tank and absorption area, should a second opinion be sought. This assures that both inspectors encounter the same conditions.

The variations in the application of the Standards are found in the Standards, further reinforcing the fact that there is only one Inspection Standard.

In the course of every inspection, THE TREATMENT TANK MUST BE PUMPED.

The only issue is WHEN the treatment tank will be pumped.

If the treatment tank has not been pumped, the report MUST state, at a minimum, that "more investigation is necessary," indicating that the tank must be pumped. If the inspector's preliminary conclusion regarding the system, excluding the treatment tank, is Satisfactory or Satisfactory with Concerns, the Report MUST STATE that More Investigation is Needed.

Until such time that the treatment tank is pumped and the preliminary conclusion is substantiated or changed, it is impossible to implement the Standards which, by definition, include an inspection of the interior of the treatment tank.


The decision of when to pump the treatment tank is solely the inspector's, and that decision is based on the Standards. The decision of whether or not to pump the treatment tank is not the customer's decision. The decision of whether or not to pump the treatment tank is not negotiable.

The requirement that the treatment tank be pumped is not only in the Standards, IT IS THE STANDARD.

Here is a question for our visitors.

When you go to the dentist, do you sit in his chair, keep your teeth clenched, barely part your lips, then stand up and demand that the dentist tell you exactly how many cavities you have?

That is exactly what happens when the PSMA/NOF-Certified Inspector you are paying is prevented from conducting a complete inspection!

The tank pump-out is in your best interest; don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

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