PSMA Ethics Complaints  

The Pennsylvania Septage Management Association (PSMA), through the National Onsite Foundation (NOF), prides itself for establishing the PSMA/NOF Standards of Practice to evaluate Private Waste disposal systems. The Standards have been described as the "Industry Standard" for onlot system inspection.

PSMA/NOF trains and certifies its members to perform onlot wastewater treatment system inspections using the PSMA/NOF Standards. The Standards embody a protocol which, when fully applied, evaluates every component of an onlot wastewater treatment system for proper function.

Upon completion of an inspection, the inspector will provide a written report with pertinent details and conclusions. The report conclusions are comprised of "Satisfactory", "Satisfactory with concerns", "More Investigation needed", and "Unsatisfactory". Individual opinions may also be reflected in an inspection report, however, the PSMA/NOF Standards of Practice does not acknowledge such opinions as they are only subjective and a business decision of the company or issuer.

PSMA expects all members to conduct their businesses in a manner that avoids any actual conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict. Inspection reports indicating that repairs are necessary may provide a proposal separate from the report, but shall include the following statement:

"You may select any service provider; however, work not performed by this company must be inspected by a PSMA/NOF certified inspector in order to verify satisfactory repairs and issue an updated inspection report".

Please keep in mind, that there is a difference between a PSMA/NOF inspection and a Regulatory inspection. You may read about the differences at this link PA SEO vs. PSMA .

PSMA has instituted a Complaint policy to assist any dissatisfaction by an individual who feels that a current PSMA/NOF certified inspector or company behaved in an unethical manner or performed an improper inspection.

PSMA does not acknowledge the use of the PSMA/NOF Standards of Practice by non-member companies or non-certified inspectors.

Prior to filing a complaint, you should confirm the following:

  • Is the inspection company a current PSMA member?
  • Is the inspector a PSMA certified inspector; Is their certification current?

Once you have confirmed the inspector's credentials, you must read the "Complaint Procedures" document and then fill out the "Complaint Form" properly for your complaint to be reviewed. You may obtain both of these at the following links:



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