Code of Ethics  

Adopted January 8, 2000


The Pennsylvania Septage Management Association (PSMA) Board of Directors holds all members to a high ethical standard. PSMA wishes to remind all members to conduct business in a professional and ethical manner.

PSMA believes in the importance of environmental protection and in complete compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and standards.

The Board of Directors has, therefore, defined the ethical standards which its members must accept as a condition of membership.


PSMA members are committed to the compliance with all state and local regulations.

Onlot Wastewater Treatment System Inspections

The use of the PSMA/NOF Inspection Standards is restricted to individuals who have completed the required training and achieved a passing test score. When performing a PSMA/NOF Inspection, inspectors must fully apply the Standards. No part of the applicable PSMA/NOF Standards may be excluded.

Quality Management

PSMA members shall practice sound management in all activities, including but not limited to: inspections of onlot wastewater treatment systems; installation of onlot wastewater treatment systems; and, the processing, transport, storage and final use or disposal of septage and other biosolids materials.

Complaints Procedure

The PSMA Ethics Committee shall receive a written complaint with all supporting documentation, sent by Certified Mail to the attention of PSMA ETHICS COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN at the headquarters address listed on this website, concerning a member not abiding by this Code of Ethics. The Ethics committee reserves the right to request any additional documents from either party and the permission of the property owner to allow a physical review of the property and its onsite systems prior to modifications. An investigation will be performed and a report will be presented to the Board of Directors. The member against whom the assertion is made may present a report as well. The Board of Directors will hear all parties and a decision will be made based on majority agreement. If the assertion(s) pertain to the Onlot Wastewater Treatment Inspection Standards, the Board of Directors will have the option to revoke or suspend any individual's Inspection Certification, preventing them from performing PSMA/NOF inspections, if such individual is found not to be fully implementing the inspection Standards.

Separation of Repair Services Proposals From Inspections Reports Policy

To avoid a conflict of interest or the appearance of same, members of this association shall not combine an inspection report and a proposal, offer, or quote to provide the services described in said inspection report. To enjoy the freest access to the market place, PSMA members who complete inspections may, if they so choose, include any or all of the following statements in their inspection reports:

This company is capable of providing the services described elsewhere in this report and has provided the necessary price quote or estimate, a list of services to be provided, and any related documents under separate cover.

If requested, this company will provide the necessary price quote or estimate, a list of services to be provided and related documents.

Every inspection report that indicates that repairs are necessary must include this statement: "You may select any service provider, however work not performed by this company must be inspected by a PSMA/NOF certified inspector in order to verify satisfactory repairs and issue an updated inspection report."

There are three exceptions to the above.

  1. When the system is to be pumped and the service provider is hired to excavate to the tank to gain access, the provider may at the time of service offer a quote to install an appropriate riser to enable easier access in the future.
  2. When, at the conclusion of a treatment tank pump-out, it is determined that one or more baffles is missing or their repair or replacement is necessary, the provider may offer a quote to install a new baffle or repair the damaged baffle(s) at the time of pump-out service. This will enable the work to be done without requiring a second tank pump-out.
  3. Identification of services and corresponding pricing to complete additional services necessary to complete the inspection process.
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