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PSMA is are pleased to offer its membership access to insurance protection for their small business bank accounts through Commercial Deposit Insurance Agency.

Business Computers At Risk

Every day you read in the media about business computers being hacked.  There are four staggering figures every business needs to know:

  • 90% of companies’ computers have been hacked, according to Jupiter Communications

  • 67% chance, according to Symantec, of going out of business within a year if the hackers steal a business’s bank user name/password and pretend to be the owner of the account.

  • $1 billion stolen from business bank accounts and the number is tripling every year, according to the FBI.  The bank isn't liable for the business’s loss since they think the person moving the money is the owner of the account.

  • $8.9 million is the average amount a business spends on cyber security, according to a  2012 Ponemon

Clearly small businesses can’t spend millions of dollars to protect their computers.  A less expensive alternative, which was featured in the Wall Street, Commercial Deposit Insurance (, which cost less than $180 a year and insures bank accounts for up to $50,000.

After only a few minutes, you can apply for an insurance policy by visiting CDIA's online application page.  (There's also a printable application available.)

CDIA and its insurance product have received coverage by Fast Company ("An Insurance Agency To Protect Small Businesses After CyberAttacks") and the Wall Street Journal ("New Insurance Offers Bank Cybertheft Protection to Small Business").

For more information about CDIA, you can contact them directly toll free at (855) 550-2342 or

PSMA has an affiliate agreement with CDIA, so be sure to mention your membership when signing up!

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